Guardian Angels for Children

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Angels bring comfort to children. "Guardian Angels: a Book about Angels for Children" will help kids overcome everyday, and not so everyday, fears and challenges. This delightful picture book will bring children comfort in loneliness, in the dark, while getting teased, when facing pressures at school, during the big game and in many other situations children need a little protection. You have found the perfect gift for a child who has trouble falling asleep at night or getting on the school bus in the morning. Help kids face their many fears with Guardian Angels.

Author and Illustrator: Alisa E. Clark
Soft Cover, 32 Illustrated Pages


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Guardian Angels: A Book about Angels for Children  

Guardian angels can bring comfort to a child who needs a little extra protection. Guardian angels are for children!  Help a little someone you know see that they are not alone though this full-color children's book. Show a child that they have a special friend by their side in situations like these:

-you're in the dark and you're alone!
-you're in danger and you're afraid!
-when you're expected to score!
-when feeling lonely and you need a friend!
-while trying something new!
-you're up at bat and the pressure is on!
-when you need a little love!
-when homework is hard!
-when you need to do your very best!
-while getting teased or bullied!
-sleeping alone at night!
-when you find yourself afraid!

Guardian Angel Protecting a Sleeping Child

Help a child find the courage to sleep alone in their own bed!